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  • Sep 26
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I purchased li lash from tophatter the online auction and it's trash it does not work I've been using it already over 3 weeks to a month

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I purchased Demi size.Well I am using it for 5 nights, only on the top eyelashes. I gave already developed dark circles around the eyes. Exactly same happened with Lattisse .So I am assuming there are some medical ingredients in it.Last night actually I woke up with burning, itching eyes.I had to do cold compresses and use eye tears gel, to soothe the irritation. 104.00 vasted. I think I will go to try natural approach, with castor oil and... Read more

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I have used lilash twice. Both times it took between 6-8 weeks, but both times I saw dramatic length all of a sudden. It really does work initially. It gives you about 3 months of improved eyelashes, 1 month of insanely long lashes (where you are asked daily if your lashes are real). BUT heres the part they don't tell you- after this period you are left with none! Both times just as I was about to run out of serum my long lashes disappeared and... Read more

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  • May 14, 2015
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I have been using li lash from last sevn months and there is no change at all on the length of lashes.

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  • Mar 28, 2015
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Lilash worked very well for me...super disappointed that I can no longer purchase it in the US :(

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I have used 'The other" lash builder and it cause my eyelids to discolor so I was advised (by the salon when I purchased it) that Li Lash would not do that. Well it proved to be even worse because it burned my eyes and caused irritation AND it discolored my lids after only 3 or 4 applications, so I discontinued. It was pricey and I want to know what recourse I have. There is no website or phone contact on the box and the salon won't take it... Read more

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If you find anyone selling LiLash from China, it is all counterfeit. It is made in the U.S. and all the Lilash from China is a copy. And not a very good one either. LiLash purchased whosale costs 70.00 so if you see any selling for under that price, beware. I'm surprised that Google is letting the China companies selling the fake product advertise on adwords but I guess they need the money, poor things. There are several companies from... Read more

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last 3 weeks I ordered Lilash as a distributor, ordered 240 pieces which cost me $12,000 after Cosmetic Alchemy got my wire-transfer they stop respond, as well as answering my emails at all, every time I call the company Michell is not in the office,but I have a very good reason to believed that she was in the office. anyone have the same situation as me please contact me Cosmetic Alchemy is just the scammer DO NOT DOING... Read more

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I purchased Lilash from Beauty Spot here on Level 1, 161 Kitchener Road, Milford, Auckland, New Zealand in October, phone 0064 9 488 0972. email: When purchasing this I had explained to Michelle i had some reaction on my eyes and have very little and few eyelashes, I am looking at the best growth, she said quite positively that this is the best product for me, and there will be a money back guarantee if they do not... Read more

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I dont recall any reviews that said Lilash would burn. I only used it for one day. Lilash is not safe. Lilash burnt my outer eye where I put it on my lashes and also burnt my eyes. I was really hopfull when I bought this on ebay. Yes it was sealed and new in box. $$$ down the drain with my lashes.!!! Are all the reviews put there by the company? Why am I the only one that had this bad experience. It seems to me that there should be some kind of... Read more

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